Symmetrical Modern + Asymmetrical Modern

Symmetrical Modern 001 + Asymmetrical Modern 001


3SM001 + 3AM001 are two dresses inspired by abstract and natural organic shapes found in nature such as lightning and wave forms. They are Modern and dynamic dresses for everyday use.


The designs have a series of embroidered LEDs (12) and a light sensor reacting to immediate environmental light fluctuations.

The garments are made of digitally printed silk textiles, electronic hardware, and hand-embroidered hard & soft circuits. The designs can be bought as DIY kits or as finished garments. The electronics are coin cell battery operated.


Canada Council for the Arts


Design: Valérie Lamontagne

Seamstress & Collaboration: Magalie Coulombe-Noël
Engineering & Programming: Hesam Khoshneviss
Photography: Sandra Lynn Bélanger

Model: Valérie Lamontagne